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Privavy Policy

Privacy policy for the blog ''

1. Contact Details

This statement for data protection covers data processed by the blog '' and its owner.
Contact for further information on the data protection policy.

This blog was created using the Blogger platform, currently owned by Google. Learn about Google's privacy policy here.

2. Collected Data

A certain amount of personal data is collected automatically. This includes: 
  • IP address of the visiting server
  • date and time of the visit
  • referring URL (the website which linked you here)
  • browser in use, operating system, and potentially the name of your access provider
All data collected automatically will be automatically deleted 

At the current time, this blog does not run a newsletter, or similar product.
There is a comment section. This stores the following data:
  • user name
  • email address
  • date, time, and content of the comment
  • IP address

3. Google Analytics

Personal data will not be provided to third parties, beyond the automatic use of Google Analytics as a part of the Blogger platform. 
Google Analytics is a web analytics service by Google, which creates user profiles using pseudonyms, and stores cookies. The cookies are transferred to a Google server in the U.S.A. and stored and analysed there to provide records about the website and study its usage. Please note that this information may be accessed by third parties, if they are contracted to analyse the given data. 
You may deny the use of cookies within your browser settings, or install an opt-out cookie

4. Your rights

If you disagree with the use of your data as described here, please contact the blog owner about your concerns.
By law, you have the ability to request access to your stored data, and request deletion or correction.
For more information on your own rights, please visit the European Union's information page, or contact the responsible official. For Germany, please contact the BfDI

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