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HP 1x03: The Letters From No One

Having been quite late with last week's instalment (*cough*), I had initially decided to only do a very simple sketch for this week. But upon rereading the chapter, I noticed many lovely tiny moments, and I decided that I would try to include as many as possible.

In the left window, long-necked Aunt Petunia is annoyed with the poor milkman, because there were letters in the eggs. At the front door, Mr Dursley has nailed the letterbox shut. The standing letterbox meanwhile is occupied by two owls who have just added letters to the pile beneath them. The milkman's cart is standing on the drive, and poor Harry is watching from the living room window, really hoping to get even one of the letters.

I enjoyed putting in so many details; what I still need to work on is having focal points. And taking more time; the details could use some differetiated colour work.

I also need to work on continuity; I forgot that I had already done this view until I was halfway through the sketch, and then I had to erase most of it... :D.

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