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HP 1x02: The Vanishing Glass

I'm only in week 2, and I've already learned several things:

- 'Telling yourself' to do something is not always enough to actually make you do something.
- Catching up should be done as soon as possible; the longer it is left alone, the harder it will be.
- If you do not start on time, your result will not end up being as detailed as you might want.
- Snakes are cool. (Slyth Pride!)
- Acts of magic are hard to draw. How on earth does one express glass that is not there? I went with the cracked edges, even though that is not what is described in a book.
- If you never visit reptile houses because you're afraid of the spiders (and if you do, you have to send friends ahead to check for potential eight-legged-dangers), you end up with no idea of what a reptile house looks like, and will therefore have no idea of how to draw it.

Things I liked about this one: 
- The way the snake fits into the composition on a nice diagonal line.
- The background in the terrarium.

Things I didn't like:
- The colour scheme. That is a hideous blue and does not go with the rest at all.
- The hands on the guy on the left.
- That I left this so late. Better timing is in order!

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