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HP 1x01: The Boy Who Lived

Well, this is it, Book One, Chapter One. "The Boy Who Lived". 

For the first book, I decided to use watercolour (and ink pen), on a watercolour sheet measuring 10 x 7 inches, in horizontal orientation (I might regret that last one eventually). 
My biggest issue (besides working consistently) is drawing a complete scene. I'm quite okay with a small detail or a single person, and sometimes I can even draw a somewhat decent setting, but placing one or more people within a setting and making everything look like it belongs together is a big challenge for me.
For now, I will go with a limited palette to reduce the number of things I have to consider. If the background and characters and foreground use the same colour scheme, that is one thing I will have going for me already.

I played around with several moments from the first chapter, and one of the ones I didn't end up using produced especially strong images. I may come back to this one at a later date, and just draw it for fun.
'Mr. Dursley always sat with his back to the window in his office on the ninth floor. [...] He didn't see the owls swooping past in broad daylight [...]'
In the end, I felt that it wouldn't be right not to have Harry in the very first illustration that I did for this. With Dumbledore having turned off almost all the lights, this scene is visually dramatic anyway, but I knew that I needed a light source, so I decided that Dumbledore laying Harry down on the doorstep would cause the porch light to go on. 

My first draft had a closeup of all three of them huddled together around Baby Harry, and Professor McGonagall holding a glowing wand, but then I realised that I would chicken out of drawing a background, and so I dropped that idea.

I sketched my drawing out on my tablet (using Autodesk Sketchbook) - simply because I was going through too many sheets of paper, erasing and redrawing and crossing out. 
Once I had a composition that I liked, I tried to add in colour notes for myself. I'm not yet used to the digital tool, so it looks very blotchy, but I managed to convey what I wanted to do. (And really, normally nobody else would see this, so it doesn't matter that there isn't a pretty gradient anywhere.)

I copied the composition from my tab to my watercolour sheet, inked out a few details, and then added the colour.
I'm not too happy with the details in this scene, as I didn't really know what to put in, and the gradients could be way better as well.
But I quite like the mood, and I did manage to add in two tiny owls in the background, so there's that.
Anyway ... 
'To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!'


  1. I wish you good luck, success and enough patience for this project. I`ll be very nosey to see the results weekly. Mama