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Sketchbook July 2017- One month of not finishing a sketchbook

At the beginning of July, I had just finished 350 hour of art. I was unhappy with my lack of ideas and lack of progress, and decided to challenge myself - to finish one of my sketchbooks in a month.

Now, it's true, I use the Handbook Travelogue which has 128 pages. Which is a lot! But the thing is, I did not fail this challenge by 20 or 30 pages. I finished a grand total of 32 pages ... which is 96 pages off the mark. I could be sad about this. But the sad truth is - 32 pages is a lot more than I have ever finished in previous months. And I have learned quite a few things about myself while I worked on this, so even though I did not reach the goal I set, it was definitely not time wasted.

The Duolingo Owl in gouache.
I finished a learning streak of 500 days!

What I've learned:

- I'm not actually bothered by working on one page after the other. I might finish the sketch on the previous page later, but I can work very well in sequence. (Who knew??? I didn't!)

- I like spreads. I like designing things and picking images that go well together. I also like themes and reference collections. Basically, I like things that come in a series.

- I don't like using my sketchbook for reference for bigger art or for studying; I can use printer paper or cheaper blocks of sketching paper for that. It really annoys me to see a page full of studies.

- I WANT my sketchbook to look pretty. Thus I will have to learn to understand that I will take longer for some things. (If quick practise is needed, I can go back to the cheaper paper.)

A giraffe. Just because.

Making a decision

Now, I still really like the idea of finishing a sketchbook in a month. Indeed, I like it so much that I added it as a goal to my Impossible List. One month, hopefully soon, I want to look back and say, 'Oh look! I turned in 128 pages of art last month; how awesome!' Realistically though, I probably won't pick up that much speed within the next few months.

What I have decided to do is to track my progress and report back. This helps me to see what I actually do with my art time every month, and it means that you will get to see my progress. Or you will see me procrastinate. One of those.

Since I wanted to make sure that I did not indulge in any further sketchbook hoarding, I will make sure to mark the first spread of any given month, and will then count the page numbers from there. I will share the results each month, and you can also check out the 'Sketchbook' box in the sidebar for more.

Portrait Sketch in Ballpoint Pen.
First Time using that medium

Review Time:

With that new goal set, here are some further sketchbook entries from the month of July.

If you liked the art, or just want to encourage me on my journey, please leave a comment below :).

Quick gouache studies of establishing shots
from 'Pride and Preudice' (2005)
directed by Joe Wright

Drawing houses with many details.
In ballpoint pen. 

Turtles. All the way down.
In gouache.

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