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My Impossible List

Almost everyone has a bucket list. Things they would like to do in their life, if circumstances, luck or money permit it. But too few of the items on such lists are ever realised. That is why Joel Runyon created the Impossible List.

I recently came across an old bucket list of mine, and it made me sad. It had too many old things that I no longer wanted, and even more things that I still wanted but had made zero progress towards.
Now, I like lists, and especially crossing things off of them, so that made me sad. But right around the same time, I started watching the excellent College Info Geek Youtube channel, and the owner Thomas Frank made a video about The Impossible List.

The concept is relatively easy - you list your goals (yes, even the impossible ones), and you check them off as you go along. But it differs from a bucket list in some very important points:

You keep it updated as you go through life. You lost interest in learning to play the guitar? Throw it off the list. You want to learn how to sail instead? Put it on.

You review it often. Be honest, how often do you look at your bucket list? Hardly ever, even if you are into bullet journaling and decorating every page. The Impossible List is meant to be reviewed, and reminds you of your goals. 

It has iterative goals.
Does your bucket list say things like 'travel to 20 countries' or 'save 100.000 EUR'? Do you think you will reach those goals?
The Impossible List tries to help you by leading you step by step. By saying 'travel to 5 countries', then 10, then 20, your list becomes instantly more achievable.  

Making that list for yourself is already very helpful. But Thomas Frank decided to share his publicly, as a sort of manifesto which he updates if new goals are added or old ones crossed off, and I quite like the idea.
Now, I would like to travel to India, and do a ton of other things, but for now, here are my art-related goals:

- Finish 1.000 Art Hours
   - 2.500
   - 5.000
   - 7.500
   - 10.000
Finish 5 SVS Courses
   - 10
   - 15
- Attend a life-drawing class

- Illustrate every chapter of Harry Potter - started Sep 02, 2017
- Finish a 52-Week challenge
- successfully complete Inktober
- fill a Handbook sketchbook in one month
- design a boardgame
- illustrate my favourite book

- become a published illustrator
- write my own illustrated story
- publish my own self-illustrated story
- exhibit at a local art fair
- be chosen for Spectrum
- open an online shop

Obviously this is not something I will complete in one year, or perhaps even ten.
But having a list gives me something to work towards, and having it on this blog helps to remind me and hold me accountable.

On a sidenote, I left out social media goals and anything that is not art-related.
If you would like to see more of my own goals, or maybe use my list as an inspiration to create your own, please share in the comments below.

Images (cropped) from pixabay


  1. [Mod-Edit: Reposted due to technical errors]

    I really like the idea of this list. I might actually give it a go myself :)

    1. Am glad you do :). I would love to see your writing, travel and fitness goals.