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Using art scraps to decorate your kitchen

Do you have an old canvas board that you started a dozen projects on?
Does the unfinished board now sit on top of your closet and make you feel guilty when you look at it?
Worry no more - you can cover up those ugly attempts, and turn your old project into something new and original.

I myself have a huge unused space on my kitchen wall, and a 50x100 cm canvas board that I haven't touched in years, so I will use foody images. But there's no reason not to do this with cars, kitten, knittting, flowers, ... or really anything you can get your hands on.

What you will need:

- a canvas board; alternatively the back wall of a frame or a wooden board
- old magazines or calendars. (Do not lie, I know you have them.)
- scissors
- glue
- some nice music to listen to
- nails and a hammer

Creating your new decoration

- First, roughly cut out the pictures you think you might want to include. Cut out more than needed, just to be sure.

- Arrange the pictures on your board. Try a few different layouts to make sure you will still like it in a few months' time.

- Take a photograph of your layout. Do not skip this step!

Remove all the pictures. Then, one by one, cut them carefully and glue them to their spot. If you can't remember how you wanted your placement to look, refer to the picture you took in the previous step. (I told you not to skip it.

- If you want to, leave the edges rough until you're done, and then cut all around your board to make sure they're even.

- Hang it on your wall! And then take the obligatory Instagram picture to share the new look of your kitchen ;).

Pro tips: 

- Decorative stone owls make for great hammers.

- If there are recipes on the back of your food pictures, make sure you save them somewhere first.

- When using a calendar of pretty pictures, use an old one. If you don't have one already, you can actually buy cheap old calendars on amazon. I don't know why, but you can.

- Use weekly calendars. More images, less boredom.

- Try your glue on a scrap piece from your images first. There's no need to ruin your favourite photo by using the wrong glue.

Enjoy your new decoration - and if you reach step five, you can tag me on Instagram to share your new wall.

- stony owl ... my own
- calendar used ... Harenberg - Flair des Südens 2013

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