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Doodling to stop procrastination

When you try to balance your hobby with the rest of your life, you need to be a very organised person. And looking for help with that in these modern times means landing on Instagram, staring in amazement at other people' journals, which are incredibly neat and really artistic at the same time (and 100% contain more appointments than yours does). 
I always looked at these lovingly, but since I was never willing to invest several pages and a lot of hours to make my journal look any prettier, that path was closed to me. Or so I thought at least. 

Week 14: I can recommend watching "The Red Turtle", and reading AA Gill.

You see, I outline my own pages in a squared A5 journal (yes this is annoying at the end of the year, but it works, so it's worth it). I did some restructuring for this year, and was left with an empty space below the week title. I had originally planned to be trendy and have a mood/moon/weather tracker or something else like it. Unsurprisingly, I got extremely bored with this about four days in (and only started it 5 weeks late or so). There's not much point to drawing out little weather icons when you are not making your journal look nice for others. I also tend to just look outside when I want to know what the weather is like, so filling in an icon required the extra step of research I wasn't willing to invest. 

So I was back to the blank space again. Then one day I had to wait on the phone for what felt like three hours. I was bored, but couldn't do anything productive, so I picked up my biro and doodled in the blank space. I wasn't using it anyway, so no harm done. I doodled some things I had just bought, then I doodled something I had done on the weekend ... then the guy on the other end of the line finally got back to me. But when I hung up the phone and looked at my doodles, I really liked them. They said something about my week, they were a nice practise in between, AND they made the empty space look pretty. 

Week 1: I watched a lot of movies.
Week 4: There's a new museum in town!
Week 13: I went to the Natural History Museum and bought an art mag.
Week 15: Easter!

I have now gone back and added the missing weeks, and I have kept it up so far. Sometimes my week was spectacularly boring, but I always find one or two things I could draw. Sometimes I just write things down, do some fanart, or copy a nice image. It's never too complicated - it can't be when I'm just using a biro and no outlines. Incidentally, a biro is not what I would call good material, but understanding how to use it best really helps when you're moving on to better supplies. And after all, you should not need more than a pen and paper to create a nice image.

Week 17: I hung up images, painted some furniture, and went for a walk.

On top of looking pretty, doodling helps when you don't want to art. Or when you want to, but can't think of what to do. I doodle on my weekly page for five minutes, and during that process I will think about my other art projects and get excited to work on them. And if I don't, I can always stop drawing when the doodle is done. But for me, the difficult thing is to get started. And this is one method I can use for getting around it.

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