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Art Hours 251 - 300: Time to sketch outdoors

I have finally finished 300 hours of art this year!!! And I didn't even count museum visits, so this took extra long. But my art progress was helped by one thing in particular: The sun has finally come out!

I know (we all know) that it is theoretically possible to do things outside when it's not warm and dry. 
But let's be honest here, not a lot of people will go outside in the snow to freeze their buttocks off and then use the opportunity to sketch them. 

When the sun is out however, it is easy for me to make use of one of the many parks my hometown has to offer. I can go out, get some fresh air, get a tan (or, in my case, turn red), and chat a bit to the people passing by. 

Sketching outside is useful for two reasons: One, you can do nice life studies. For all Pinterest & co. have to offer, there is nothing better than actually seeing the thing you want to sketch. And while the things on your desk can quickly become boring, the countryside may change all the time. In the time it took me to paint these trees, a total of 13 people, 3 bikes, and 1 dog sat beneath them. If you keep your eyes open, the scene you're drawing may surprise you.

The second bonus of going outside to sketch is the limiting of options. Even I don't take all seven or so sets of coloured pencils, or all 5 paint palettes. One pencil, one palette, and an eraser - then I'm set. This lends itself well to limited palette studies, or just to getting to know your supplies a little bit better.

The last bonus of course are the people - some are not interested or look funnily, but I have never heard a bad comment. Most people remark that they wish they could draw, and some even strike up a longer discussion. It is a very stress-free way of socialising (particularly since you can look at your art if things get too weird). And I have to admit, hearing people say that my art is nice is very helpful to my frail little ego ;).

With the summer coming, I want to try and sketch more sights in my area. I won't have a full French boating party with a luncheon, but maybe I can find a nice event or too. Realism and landscape painting are not my ultimate goals, but letting such scenery and such nice weather go to waste would be a crime too. (Plus, this means more art hours ;).)


  1. First of all: congratulations on reaching 300 hours! ♥
    Second: sketching outside sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you get to do it many times before the cold winter returns.

    1. Thank you <3. Yes, I hope so too! I had made big plans for the long weekend right now, but work and buckets of rain got in the way. But there's still a few months to go, so I'm still optimistic :).

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