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Art Hours 151- 200: Use your art skills for small presents!

The next fifty hours of my art journey this year coincided with the Easter holidays. 
In my family, we give each other little presents at Easter - nothing big, usually sweets and maybe some Easter decoration, or other small gifts. I bought some colourful eggs, but being a poor artist meant there was no room for sweets. After a while, I finally remembered that I was capable of drawing, and wanted to practise illustration - my small gift was born. 

I learned a few things during this exercise, chief of which that if you wish to copy your drawing so you can use it for multiple reasons, you should make sure to do it on a flat surface, and maybe to have an actual lightbox, I did the drawings in my sketchbook, and used my laptop screen to backlight when I was tracing ... let's just say that one of the Easter bunnies did end up with four ears and three eyes because I couldn't see properly and couldn't fix my paper to anything. 

Apart from that issue, being able to copy your own drawing is a great thing - no eraser issues on your colouring paper, making sure everyone gets a similar quality. and saving quite a lot of time. 
Each one is coloured differently, and I do like each variation, so there's probably a lesson in that too.

I: Dad is painting the egg. The kids are "helping". Mum is ... not very pleased.

II: Grandpa is knitting. (He is a very stylish grandpa,) The kids are stealing his wool and creating a multicoloured chaos. He will pretend to be cross when he discovers it ;).

III: The bunnies are hiding eggs!! SOMEONE found a spot to observe them and discover all their hidey holes. Cheating sods!

IV: This one is my favourite. Because it is simple, but quite effective (I think). I'm also proud of my little scooter ;), Anyway, someone has failed to notice that their bag is broken, and now all the eggs are falling out! The youth of today, eh?


  1. awww, those little bunnies are so cute ♥ Well done

    1. Ty :). They were so much fun to do - although I still prefer owls ;). Would be fun to do an entire zoo ;).