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Art Hours 101- 150: Make your art do multiple things

Giving yourself assignments to do is great! You learn a lot, you work consistently, you always have something to art - theoretically. In the real world of course you're still you, so there will still be assignments that bore you, prompts that spark nothing in you, and days when you're just not interested.
There's no way of not doing the assignments if you do want to get further on your journey, but maybe, just maybe, you can think back to your school days and cheat a little?

Look at the clock for this post. It is a wrist watch in a really abominable colour - pale gold. In itself, pale gold is an okay colour, I guess; more or less like any other colour out there. But it is very artificial, which means that when it is a prompt in a challenge to draw colourful things, you come up with a blank from nature. There is almost nothing that is "pale gold" anywhere, unless it is jewellery or accessories.
When I had realised that, I also noticed that I needed another clock for the Art Hours post - well, here was a perfectly legal way to cheat. Fill two exercises with one image!

The second way of cheating opened up when I realised that my clock shape was really rather boring (simple design is easy on the eyes, but not really interesting to do), but that refinement and layering still took ages. Well ... I could watch an art tutorial online at the same time! Granted, you can't pick tutorials where you have to draw along, but there are plenty of explanatory videos out there containing knowledge that you might want to add to your collection.
And yes, drawing the watch without watching the video might have been a lot quicker - but it would also have been a lot more boring, so I might have stopped a couple of times and the watch would not have been finished for days for no good reason.

So, out of this simple illustration, I filled my annoying prompt, I got an image for this Art Hours post, and I learned something about illustration when I watched an instruction video while drawing. I would have gotten more hours out of it had I done each of these things by themselves. But the important thing is that they get done at all, and feeling so very productive from drawing a simple watch really boosts motivation. Try it :).

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