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Daily Drawing Challenge - January 2017

When you want to improve your art and get used to practising daily, a daily drawing challenge is a great thing to help you get started. 
I tried to do one last year, and when May came around, I had given up. I had tried to work with prompts and picking them really annoyed me, I had foolishly decided to draw realistic portraits in May, which is WAY too much for a daily challenge, and my energy to do anything at all was at an all-time low.
Then a lovely friend proposed to do daily prompts for this year for me, and I found myself agreeing to have another go. This post chronicles my January drawings; the overall prompt theme was "winter".

On days 1-4, I was overenthusiastic on the first few days; and all of these tiny squared are excerpts from fullsize A5 drawings. ... I think these might remain the only ones though ;).
[Prompts l-r: Snow Man, El Fin del Mundo, Polar Lights, Snowball Fight]

Day 5 shows my fatigue from the overenthusiastic start ... I really didn't bother much at all. 
On day 6, I wasn't enthusiastic either, but Paddington pulled me through, and I enjoyed my pencils again for the next few days.
[Prompts l-r: Mittens; Someone in a Duffel Coat; Cozy Sunday Morning; Blizzard]

On days 9-12, I was constantly torn between feeling really happy and really awful about my art. I loved day 11, and then I looked at day 12 on the opposite page and just wanted to cringe. Ah well, not everything can be a masterpiece. Or even good. 
[Prompts l-r: A cute hat; A very stupid hat; Snuggly Cat; Gloves]

On days 13-16; I remembered that I was supposed to be doing wintry themes. And while I couldn't bring myself to draw a lot of snowy landscapes, I switched my colour theme over to an icy, watery blue. (Oh and I sort of cheated on day 15. But who cares.)
[Prompts l-r: Fluffy Socks; Sharing a Coat; A snowed-in city; Cat walking through snow]

On days 17-20 I was out of ideas, until I remembered how much I had enjoyed Paddington, and I decided to go back to some real reference. The prompt for day 20 was mean though, and I needed help from my mum to come up with a proper idea.
[Prompts, l-r: Car that won't start; Mountains; A cup of tea; Fixing the radiator]

On days 21-24 I stuck with real reference, even though the fire was invented (I think you can tell from how awful the fire looks). But I quite like the colour in the others, and I enjoyed drawing the people for once.
[Prompts, l-r: Penguins; The North Pole; Snuggling in front of a fire; Someone in a puffy coat]

On days 25-27 I was perpetually late with my art and had to catch up, and I think you can tell. On day 28 I was caught up and enjoyed the prompt :).
[Prompts, l-r: Hat with ears; Mount Everest; Sleepy Bear; A fuzzy scarf] 

I was going to make it through the first month, I couldn't believe it! But first, day 29, knitting. It didn't look like how I wanted it at all, and I really disliked it. Then it got a lot of likes on social media, and now I dislike it even more. (I know it shouldn't matter, but don't we all care about things we know we shouldn't care about?)
In any case, I am rather proud of the last two offerings of January actually :).
[Prompts, l-r: Knitting; A snowy morning; Snowdrop]

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