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Daily Drawing Challenge - February 2017

For February my lovely prompt giver had decided on a fanfiction-based theme: Alternate Universe.
For non-fanfiction people: This is basically taking characters out of their world and putting them, their traits, and maybe their entire story, into a new world.
I decided to stay with the same (relatively) original characters for the entire month, based on two stuffed animals that are currently snoozing on my pillow, a duckling and a colourful owl :).

On days 1 & 2 (Office AU & Youth AU) I still had to find my footing with how to draw these two characters. The owl in side view was particularly difficult.
Day 3 presented another problem entirely - in fiction, Soulmate AU is generally represented by two people sharing a similar mark or anything like that. This is very hard to show, so I went with my owl and my duckling being written in the stars :).
By day 4 (Ghost Hunters), I had a good idea where I was going.  

On days 5 to 8 (Teacher, End of the World, Musicians, Actors), I was still figuring out how I wanted them to be together. (My favourite thing to draw was the drumkit for day 7 :).)

On days 9 and 10 (Pilot / Steampunk) I was too distracted by props to create a really nice scene. (And yes, I am German, so that is a copy of Lilienthal's flight machine.) So on day 11 (Forbidden Love) I went the other way with basically no props at all. Or scenery. Or anything, really.
Day 12 (Doctor AU) was back to normal :).

On days 13-16 (University, Explorer, Spy, Lawyer), I tried to do little scenes. My favourite was the Explorer one, because, like in the Ghost Hunting AU, they're looking in the wrong direction again. I seem to enjoy that a lot :).

On days 17, 19 and 20 (Artist, Chemist, TV presenter), my duckling was a little menace, making the owl's life harder. But he was still his guardian angel on day 18, so all is well.

On days 21-24, I got into their characters and made up little stories in my head to go with them.
Day 21 (Cat), they've decided to go to a party as cats in each others colours (ty for the inspiration, dear promptgiver). On day 22 (Mechanic), the little duckling cannot believe the endless bill he's presented with. Day 23 (Coffeeshop) is the classic writer & barrista story. And on day 24 (Military), the owl is sending a letter to its duck in the army, and they're missing each other.

On Day 25 (Superhero), the duck is terribly amused by the owl's Flash costume, because it is generally rather slow. For day 26 (Space) I had no idea at all, until the prompt giver nudged me towards a stargate. And day 27 (Writers) shows two authors writing about what they'd like to happen.

I really loved doing these characters, and I knew I was going to miss them. The prompt for day 28 was "Reborn every century". (For my mum: This is not the same as time travel!)
I decided to draw them once for every century, and even researched historical events to go with my decades :).
For reference: In the 1350s, Ibn Battuta travelled the Middle East. in the 1450s Gutenberg developed the printing press, in the 1550s, John Dee was a scholar in England. In the 1650s, Shah Jahan finished the Taj Mahal, in the 1750s, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for his experiments with electricity. In the 1850s, Brunel built bridges in England. In the 1950s, Marilyn's skirt flew up (otherwise it was a pretty bleak decade tbh). And the next two are from my imagination - the Un-Brexit, and spaceships :).

I have all but decided to keep going with these two. I still need to decide how - it won't make sense to keep usinv them in the daily prompts - but I'm sure I'll find a way :).


  1. I love the little owl & duckling and I am patiently waiting for their new adventures ☺☺

    1. I am glad :). I love them too, I just think I need to find them some friends to go on a big adventure with! ;)