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Art Hours 1-50: More art means wanting to do more art

Cuckoo clock from the Black Forest
Two days ago, I finished the first 50 of my goal of 1.000 hours.

I'm not on schedule, neither with the hours nor with all the art I had planned to do. Yet I have included even more art I want to do, because ... actually, why did I do that? Am I just so terrible at scheduling?

I didn't do art on only one day this month, early on - so I have now been doing art for 20 consecutive days. Sometimes not much, but still, a little every day,
This means I also thought about art every day.

When I went through an art slump last year, practically the only time I thought about art was when I saw how creative other people were. I then proceeded to inform myself that I am an awful artist (really just an awful person overall), wasting valuable time.
Now that I do art regularly, I can still see many (massive) shortcomings - not the least of which is that everything takes so freaking long), but I also have ideas. I can think of things to art, I can look at my art and see things I have to practise, I know how to practise, and I want to keep creating.
This is a big step forward, so I'm proud. Now it is time to get quicker ... and to include a lot more Learning time into my schedule :).

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