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2017 #1- My Year in Art 2016

2016 was a big year for this little art blog - it was born!
Having stumbled upon quite a lot of unwanted free time, I decided to think about one of my hobbies a little bit more. Since both writing and talking about something always helps me think, and I had bored too many people to death by talking, I went with the writing approach. It was not very coordinated, it was not very regular, and almost immediately after I had begun, I developed a horrendous case of art block. But I had a blog, and whenever I felt like it, I could write about my feelings towards my own or other people's art, have six people read it, and be proud.

As time went on, I got more into designing things - trying to make my little standard blog look more like a website, trying to find my art style (pro tip: This is an excellent way to procrastinate), and trying to come up with other things to talk about. Am I a minimalistic person? A colourful person? Someone who enjoys collections or someone who clutters and needs to clean up? As you can see from the current state of the design, this process is still ongoing. Maybe next year's summary can hold the answers.

But apart from virtual blog life, my actual art life had some milestones as well:
  • Losing my fear of brushes, thanks to Inktense and colouring books.
  • Moving on from watercolour pencils to actual watercolours!!!
  • Finishing my first ever sketchbook! (Finished!! Not abandoned halfway through! Finished!)
  • Learning about how to use oils, and doing my first oil paintings! 
  • Finally finishing an art challenge, and with that my second (watercolour!) sketchbook!
I also travelled, and thanks to my lovely family and friends, I visited art collections in Luxembourg, Saarbr├╝cken and Vienna. All of this helped to inspire me, but most of all it showed me how much I can still learn, how many possibilities are out there, and, most important of all, how the people in my life support my journey in art. It is a good feeling! 

Last but not least, I also discovered which way I want to go with my art ... but that might be a story for another day :).

First new thing of the year - using masking fluid!

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