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2017 #2- Counting down the Hours ...

Humble beginnings...

A little while (okay, more than five months) ago, I had realised that art was what I wanted to focus on. And I had realised that I wasn't really doing much art at all. While trying to solve this problem - or increase it by spending time on the internet instead -, I came upon someone who had set themselves a challenge: To make 5000 hours worth of art.

This is amazing, I thought. How could anyone possibly hope to make so much art? Spend so much time concentrating on one thing?
I did study maths, so I took a long look at the time available to me. Given that I have a 40-hour-job, a one-person-household to manage, and an obligation to myself to try and get a tiny bit less un-fit, I thought a good goal might be 10 to 20 hours per week. I calculated one or two hours on workdays, and 2.5 to 5 hours on the weekend to match the hours I did during the week. This meant that if I only had good weeks, reaching 5000 hours would take me ... 4.8 years. Double that on only bad weeks.

I was informed that this was a stupid idea, and really, I had recognised it too. I could barely keep up with monthly drawing challenges, let alone with a thing that might take 9.6 years. This is a design flaw that must have occured to the originator of the idea as well, because the counter on their website states that they started in May 2015, and stopped at 27.5 hours. (I really hope they only stopped counting the hours, and not making art alltogether).

In the end, blogger Floralcars offered a solution: To do only 1000 hours, and so that I would not have to do it on my own, she would join me to do 1000 hours of writing. We started in August last year, and didn't set a time, we just wanted to reach 1000 hours eventually. Until the end of last year, I had managed to accumulate 216 hours of art.

Yes, I can even make a mess while making crosses.

As the year came to a close, I realised that I still felt like I wasn't doing enough art. Floralcars writes really fast, so in less hours, she had managed to do way more work than me. I realised that while 5000 hours of Art in no time-limit is a very unhelpful challenge idea, 1000 hours in one year is something I could actually be bothered to track, and it is a really challenging goal (just over 83 hours per month), so maybe, just maybe, if I was bored in 2017...

It has happened now; I have reset my tracker, and will try to implement one on this blog as well. Furthermore Floralcars documents her journey every 20 hours, and I really like the idea of looking back at what you've managed so far, and to take note of what you've learned, so I'll be joining her in doing that. Most likely only every 50-100 hours, because I take so long for each individual thing, but still. I'm looking forward to improving, I'm looking forward to many new ideas, and I predict hours and hours of shouting at myself to be less lazy and less un-talented.

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