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What do I want to art?

Art makes me happy. And having to go back to a job I hate after a week off, I really need the happiness I get from looking forward to continuing an art project after I get home. It gives my brain somewhere to turn to when I need a break, and it helps me structure my days and get through the work week as sanely as possible. Right now, there is just one problem with that though - I don't have a project. 
I have several ideas, and some random thoughts that might have potential, but I can't decide. On a subject, on a medium, on a style, even on a format. So, I decided to do some soul searching.
Inspiration from Tumblr:
Top l-r: Fabio Deronzier, Mark Thompson, Nina Johansson (bogglymymind), Light is Time
Bottom l-r: Silvia Cordedda, Irina Ivanova, Tatiana Plakhova, Chrysanthine Art

I've collected the images above from the art tag on my tumblr page. There were many (MANY) others, but these spoke to me the most, and moved me the most.
Art postcard collage on my wall.
Mostly romantic, impressionist and 20th century art. And drawings.

I've redecorated one of my walls to hold my collection of art postcards - memories of museums I've visited and artwork that moved me at these times.
My first art wall was started when I 14 or 15, for decorative purposes (or so I told myself at the time), and since then I've always done it, wherever I went. (This is a good way to make sure you get pretty postcards from nice people as well.)

When I learned about writing, the question "What should I write?" was always answered with "Write what you love!". Or, more detailed, "Look at the books you love, and find out what you love about them. Then try to get writing ideas from that."

I figured that a collection of art work I like, both in physical and virtual form, would be a good way to get me started. It would show me art I like, and if I stared at that and figured out what I enjoyed most about it, I might be able to pick one or more of my ideas, and turn them into something. 

I already know that I like stories. I came to art from writing after all. And I can see stories even in the landscape paintings I like.
Most of the paintings have a realist or at least highly detailed feel to them.
Then there's also the undeniable fact that, despite my liking for colours and autumn, I seem to favour monochrome artwork, and art where colour is used very deliberately to contrast things.

Clearly I won't be imitating Kandinsky anytime soon.

Lena - Traffic Lights
There is one other thing I like as well, even though it is not present in all of the art. I like imagination. I like wondrous things. Magic Realism is my favourite book genre, and one of the most memorable visual experiences in the last few days has been watching Lena's music video for Traffic Lights. I like normal things that don't react like they normally would, but are for example afflicted by peoples' emotions. It's a reason why I like Magical Realism novels as well. They speak to me in a way other stories don't.

At this point I was reminded of Ransom Riggs and his excellent novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. He started from some really very weird photographs he had collected. They weren't visually exciting to me, but they clearly had a story to tell. I remembered that Google was my friend, and indeed it was:

Google Image Search Results for "Magic Realism, Photography, Black & White"
Some of these are more interesting than others, but at the very least this gives me an idea of the images out there, and the possibilities of expressing the very weird paths my brain leads me on sometimes.

Now I have discovered what I want to express. The next step is to find out how I want to do that. I already have some sort of an answer for that, but I'm afraid it will take a long time to find out just how that helps me. Because throughout my research, I have been watching SyFy's "Haven" in the background. And what I've discovered is that what I really want is to create pieces of artwork that makes people feel how I feel when I hear the trailer music for this series, or even the one for Ripper Street.
I guess this means it's back to doing tons and tons of studies. Because I'm not going to be a composer any time soon, and translating music into an art style is a thing I have yet to learn. And I don't even know how to attempt it. But I guess that's a good thing. Because figuring this out is a project in itself - and that means I have a way of bringing some happiness into the work week ahead.

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