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Time to look back ... and forward

This time two years ago, a few months after I started my first sketchbook, I was listening to a song I enjoyed, and I decided to tackle a subject I had avoided like the plague - drawing people. 
14/06/20 - 15/06/05 - 16/07/02

I researched a reference picture, and then I drew a profile of a girl. It was just about recognizeable, but not really all that good. The chin is too big, the nose is awful, the hair is wrong, and the shadows are all over the place.

A year later, while taking a ride to my hometown that took almost four hours, I drew another girl, this time inspired by the CD cover of the soundtrack of "The Healing". (Guess what I was listening to at the time.) It was a front view, because I had realised that this might be easier, and drawn in pencil so I could easily erase my multitude of mistakes. The lips are incredibly odd and the nose is way too long, but I was ridiculously proud. At least until my aunt assumed I'd drawn a boy because "it doesn't look very female".

Having recognised a periodical occurance, and having also spent the last year doing lots of fanart, I decided to draw a girl this year as well. To be fair, the picture is still a long way from perfect. I still have to work on values and on making things looks smooth. And it might not look exactly like my reference, and it's a blessing that I didn't try to do this in colour, because layers of colour still scare me somewhat. But I hope the model will recognize herself (even though there are faults), and even my aunt will be able to see that it's a girl this time. 

So I've still got a long way to go, but I'm actually proud of my progress so far, and I have another year to go and improve even more :).

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