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How three idiots helped me out of artist's block

For the past few weeks, my head has decided to be a total b**, and either hurt, provide nausea, or make me completely drowsy. This has resulted in a long period of just doodling, or colouring colouring books, or starting projects and abandoning them halfway through (okay, more like 5% through) ... in short, it has completely blocked my motivation, which almost all the time is awful anyway. A certain upcoming car show on a certain internet video provider has been the only thing to keep me going enough to finish at least tiny, hideous pieces of fanart. 
Recently my mum paid me a visit, and thus I was forced to clean up my place at least a little bit. I stumbled upon a packet of oil colours and some supplies, which had been gifted to me ages ago and which I had used maybe once. Mostly because I really didn't know anything about oil colours or the supplies, and didn't really know what to do with them.
During the clean-up, I decided to either try them out or give them away, because there's really not much sense in keeping them without ever planning on using them. But I didn't know what to paint, because I was still demotivated and my head hurt too much to be creative in any way. 

Then I reflexively checked twitter (we all do when we're stumped, admit it (I don't have a facebook to check)), and there I saw that certain idiots working on the above-mentioned car show had revealed their new logo. It is very simplistic, and maybe not everyone's cup of tea (although I love it), but hey - it really really is quite easy to draw. 
I tried it with the oil colours, and was really quite happy with the result. 

Later, I remembered a watercolour technique I had always wanted to try, and that worked out quite nicely as well.

And then I tried my pastel pencils ... it's safe to say that I prefer normal pencils or even brushes, but the result was quite okay as well. 

So these idiots have not only provided me with much needed laughs, and something to look forward to come autumn (which is even more needed!), but also with a way out of my deep hole of sadness. I still have terrible headaches and the pain medication makes my head all fuzzy, but at least now I actually want to make art, to try out new things. And sometimes, I really do :). And when I do, I can think about the show that I will be able to watch very soon, and then I check twitter again, and it just motivates me once more :). 

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