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Travel Journal: Luxembourg & Saarland, Germany

Luxembourg City, LUX: chocolaterie, old town, gallery visit, garden decoration
Clervaux, LUX: "The Family of Man" exhibit, Clervaux castle, and the Igel Column in Igel, GER

True to my blogpost two weeks ago, I did keep a travel journal. 
I still have to add text (which I can do from my diary), but I've got all the drawings done. 
I've learned quite a few things - mostly that I have way more control with watercolour pencils than I do with real watercolour, and that I have an obsession with earthly colours (okay, I already knew that). 

Saarschleife, Villa Borg, GER, Schengen LUX
We went to Luxembourg City, Clervaux Castle (which houses the "Family of Man" exhibition), the 'Saarschleife', a rebuilt Roman villa, Schengen, Saarbr├╝cken, a French-German co-exhibition of Roman ruins in Reinheim, and to Kassel. (On an interesting sidenote, that amounts to four art galleries, four UNESCO heritage sites, and around 1700 km for me to drive. Fast.)
Saarbr├╝cken (GER): Castle, Modern stained glass windows, antique exhibition)

Bliesbruck(GER)/Reinheim(FR): Roman ruins. Kassel: Castle + romantic paintings

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