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A new blog design, a new beginning?

I've been posting my art on tumblr for a while now.
At first it was only a thing I sometimes did when I really liked a drawing. Then I began to draw more often, and wanted to post more often., but I felt shy doing so on my main blog. I didn't want to annoy followers by posting something they might not like, so I created a side blog just for my art. I enjoyed it, to a certain extent, but every so often, one of my posts would come up on my dashboard next to that of another artist, and it always looked awful. And then I went to their page, and compared it with mine, and even though I liked my minimalistic design, I would always think it looked crap in comparison.

I didn't want to post my art anymore, because it would only look stupid, and what was the point anyway? Maybe it wasn't just the way my posts looked, maybe I was just genuinely bad at art, and should just give up completely?
Luckily, at this point I had been drawing for long enough to actually see some progress in my abilities, which showed me that I should not give up. But I didn't want to post. I hated my art blog, and wanted to delete it, but then where would I show off art that I was proud of?

It took a while for me to think about a redesign. Because who would really be interested, except for my mum (thx mum!), and what difference would it make if my art was still not as good as I would want it to be? I could just not post for a few years, and maybe then it would look better, and I should give it a new go?
But then I realised the error in my thoughts - because I understood that *I* would benefit from the change. I would enjoy looking at my blog again. I would be encouraged to post and draw more and post more again. And when I would look back a few years later, after hundreds of drawings that might or might not be crap, I would be able to see my progress and to show it to other people. Shouldn't that be reason enough?

It is surprisingly freeing to reach the decision to really make something just because it makes oneself feel better. I like getting notes, of course - everybody does - but I would like it even more to look at my art in its tiny internet home and be proud of seeing it there. So that's my new goal - make a nice home for my art, and then make more art to fill it with :).

As a small aside, I've looked into making my art look better, which means I will be reposting some old things. I hope it won't be annoying, but as I haven't posted much, I think I will be done quite soon.


  1. I am so glad you're not giving up on your art! I've always enjoyed it and look forward to more ☺

    1. Ty ... so much :). (And I like you art, too. All art forms :).)