Setting Goals for 2018

My last post of 2017 was a personal review. It was a tough year, but I discovered that I also did a lot of small cool things. Unfortunately I did not realize that until the end of the year, so I spent many months staring jealously at other people's Instagram posts of them doing cool small things (yes, you know who you are :).)

Now, that is not a very positive mindset, and I was ordered to stop being so negative in 2018, and thus my new year's resolution was found - to do more cool things (and document them here :).

Last year, I had a summer fun list, and tried to do nice thing on the weekends. Some weekends I chickened out and my entry merely reads 'read a chapter of a book on saturday', but it was a step up from 2016, so I was still happy. This year I am doing the same thing, but for every weekend. And I shall try to find a few things to do during the week as well - I need more nice things to look forward to, and I don't want to just live for the weekends.

I'm using the blog to document this for two reasons - I want to write more, and I need something to hold me accountable. Blogging about something that I procrastinated on or was afraid of doing is much harder than blogging about a nice experience :).
This means changing the direction of my blog somewhat - obviously not everything I do can be connected to art. But I think that it still counts, because new experiences fuel inspiration. (Besides that, it is obviously my blog, so I make the rules. I don't know why I'm justifying things to myself...)
Along with that, I also want to post on a more regular schedule, and I am hoping that experiencing more thing to post about will keep me going.

I shall also document my journey with 1secondeveryday - an app that lets you recorde one second of every day, and then compiles your seconds into montages, showing your year, or your holiday, or the rest of your life. I'm doing it so I won't forget about the nice small moments as easily, and always have something nice to look back on. It will be hard to remember at first - I almost forgot on the very first day, but I think it won't take long to get used to it.

Of course I also have normal goals - get fitter, eat healthier, read more, be more engaged at work - but the goal to live my life more fully is the #1 priority, and the one I will focus on before everything else. Except maybe for sending all  my packages on time...


  1. Great blog post! I always resolve to enjoy the little things more, but it's not easy. Last year I tried to keep track of my resolutions by writing a diary entry every week, but after four weeks I just gave up. This year I didn't even get to writing down any resolutions...
    Good luck with yours, I hope you make it and I look forward to reading about your progress and maybe it'll inspire me :)

    1. :) Thank you!
      And yes, diary entries ... if it helps, my current diary is maybe half full, and dates back to March 2016. And I pasted pictures into it, so not all is writing :D. But I'll do my best to provide inspiration for you :).

  2. I am happy to read that you're going to take on this year with a positive attitude! I hope you're going to share some of your 1 second adventures as well ♥

    1. Thank you, I am trying my best :). And yes, I hope. If I can figure out how to make them, I will try monthly videos :).

  3. I feel that lots of small things add up to a better experience that one big thing. I love the idea of doing something every weekend.
    Cora |

    1. Thank you! Yes indeed - living only for the one big thing leads to a lot of frustration during the time you have to wait - better not wait and try to do something cool with every moment.


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