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AA Gill is away

Today I will take the train to Berlin main station. I will buy the Sunday Times, and then I will sit down in the coffee shop segment of the local McDonalds, read my newspaper and draw for a little while. I will do so, because it is what I did almost one year ago. AA Gill had passed away the day before, and the Sunday Times published a retrospective. I subscribed to the digital version, so it wasn't necessary to buy the actual paper, but I wanted to have it, so I went.  It was still relatively early when I got there and the newsagent wasn't stocked yet, so I sat down for my coffee, drew for a while, and then returned. I got my edition, had another coffee, and then went back home. And after I had done all that, I almost felt okay.

AA Gill has published many collections of his columns and essays. The first one I bought, after having read a few of his pieces that were available online, was 'AA Gill is away'. I liked travel writing anyway, and this one contains an essay on…

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