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A year in art - 2017 review and 2018 goals

On my first look back at my art, 2017 looked like a year of starting and stopping. I started and later discontinued four art challenges, tried a lot of projects I didn't keep up, and tried many changes on this blog which also resulted in dormant periods when I was unhappy with the direction in which I was going.

Having promised myself optimism in 2018 though, I looked back more intensely, and to be honest, I'm quite proud of my progress last year.

I discovered gouache, and how much i enjoy drawing moody landscapes. It helps me calm down and clear my mind, it looks quite good when flicking through a lot of sketches, and it is a good way of looking at my state of mind. If a bit disturbing. November was surprisingly depressing to be honest, but I really love the art, so ... I don't yet know what that tells me.
I've used my sketchbook more in general, reworking old things until they looked better, and going back through to fill empty pages in abandoned sketchbooks has help…

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